What is a CPT Code?

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What’s a procedure code?

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes are medical codes used to describe medical procedures including surgeries, diagnostics and evaluations. These codes are used primarily by providers to report the procedures they perform to payers and accreditation organizations.

The CPT code set is maintained by the AMA.

There are nearly 10,000 CPT codes which are reviewed and updated annually. CPT codes are divided into sections, and get quite specific. For example:

  • Codes 10000 – 69999 are for surgery
    • Codes 33010 – 37799 are for Cardiovascular Surgery
      • Code 33289 is specifically for the Implantation of Hemodynamic Monitor

How could you use these codes?

These codes can be helpful when characterizing hospitals, clinics or physicians  that are performing procedures. They provide a framework to understand what kinds of procedures they are doing, and how many of them they’re doing. For example, you could identify a subset of primary care physicians who perform a high volume of cardiac imaging. This subset could be used as the starting point for a therapy awareness campaign.

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