Quickly identify key physician customers, prescribers and referrers in your area

Save hours of research and get all your physician information in one place


See which physicians in your area you should target next

Search any geography

Find physicians in any area, whether it’s close to your major accounts, or in new, untapped areas.

See who’s busy

See physician procedure and prescription patterns, and target the ones who will provide the biggest opportunity.

Refine your list

Filter by hospital affiliations and practice group size and pick the physicians who will be most receptive to your message.

I normally spend hours on Google and WebMD, trying to build my next target list. Now, what used to take hours, I can do in seconds.

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Cardiac Monitoring


Walk into every physician meeting knowing, “what’s new?”

Institutional affiliations

Automatically identify a physician’s hospital, hospital system and practice group affiliations, and get notified when they change.

Residencies and fellowships

Quickly see where a physician trained, and whether any of your existing customers trained at the same place.

Journal publications and social media

See a physician’s most recent journal publications and social media posts, to get insight into their current interests.

It’s a huge advantage to walk into a physician meeting with extra info in my pocket. I can connect them with their peers who are already happy customers and ask them about their latest research studies and interesting cases.

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