Lead and Lag Measures

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Sales numbers are an easy way to measure results, but by the time the numbers are tabulated, it’s too late to change them. Lead measures track the activities that drive your sales numbers. They predict your chances of hitting your sales numbers and can be influenced by your sales teams earlier in the sales cycle. Conversely, no amount of worrying about your sales numbers will change them.

What are the lead measures that influence your business? Rep call cadences and progress through sales initiative stages are both excellent lead measures that can be captured and managed.

Why should you use lead measures?

Managing with lead measures lets you identify teams where performance is suffering, before it begins to affect revenue. You can intervene with teams where lead measures are suffering and give specific guidance bringing the team back on track before they miss their sales goals. For example, teams that have low sales calls can be pushed to make more sales calls early in the sales cycle.

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