How great reps run successful inservices

by | Sales, Therapy Awareness

Physician in-services are important tasks for medical device sales reps.  These meetings educate physicians to ensure that they understand the latest product developments and establish the effective use of medical devices.  Because physicians have busy schedules and meetings are not always planned, sales reps and their team members must be prepared and efficient during these engagements.

Things to know before you go in:

  • Office locations and hours
  • Staff members
    • Key decision makers, medical staff and administrative staff
  • Physician interests and preferences
  • Product presentations
    • What was previously discussed, by which team members
  • Goals and talking points for the meeting

What to do after you’re done:

  • Mark off tasks that were completed during the meeting
    • Especially if the physician was part of a targeted strategy or quarterly plan
  • Record products that were discussed
    • Keep detailed call notes so other team members can continue the conversation in the future
  • Create specific, detailed follow up tasks
    • Assign a due date and a point person to make sure tasks don’t fall through the cracks

With the right preparation, you will have more effective product meetings with physicians and set yourself up for success down the road.

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