Heart Failure Therapy Development

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Therapy development is an important part of the of the medical device lifecycle to ensure the safe adoption of your therapy and a superior outcome for patients.  For heart failure therapy development, it is important to identify the types of physicians that heart failure patients typically visit: internal medicine physicians, general cardiologists and heart failure specialists.

However, physician specialties may not always have the right patient mix for your therapy. Consider that a general cardiologist sees a lot of patients with heart disease, and internal medicine physicians sees a wide variety of patients, but they may not necessarily focus on heart failure patients. Even the busiest physicians may not see the patients suited for your therapy.

How are patients identified and managed?

What are better indicators to identify physicians with the right patient mix? Start by understanding how heart failure patients are identified and managed.  Physicians who perform a lot of cardiac imaging such as echo and doppler may be identifying a lot of heart failure patients.  Once diagnosed, such a patient may be prescribed with drugs such as Entresto, ACEs and ARBs to manage the condition.  Locating physicians who specifically identify and manage heart failure patients is a great place to start your therapy development plan.

Pick the right message

Once you identify physicians with the right patient mix, assess how to best educate them.  For example:

  • A cardiologist who performs cardiac imaging procedures sees a lot of heart failure patients. How do they identify patients that will benefit from your therapy and what do they do once they’re identified?
  • An internal medicine physician who prescribes a lot of heart failure drugs manages a lot of symptomatic heart failure patients. Would sending these patients to a specialist be beneficial?

In both examples, it’s worthwhile to educate and update these physicians on current indications, therapies, and physicians who can perform these procedures.

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