Creating winning quarterly sales plans

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Medical device sales is vastly different than traditional account based sales.  Sales cycles are continuous. Customer education is crucial. Service is a constant overhang.  Because the customer lifecycle is long and complex, creating a strategic quarterly plan requires a lot of context around the physician, their hospital and group affiliations, as well as their history with your products.  When creating a strategic quarterly plan for a physician, consider the following.

  • Review the previous quarter
    • What did we do and what were the results?
    • Did any key conversations take place? Who was involved?
  • Cover any changes
    • Have there been any changes to physician or hospital affiliations?
    • Have there been any contractual changes?
  • Assess competitive landscape
    • How have your competitors been influencing your customers?
    • Do they have upcoming programs or product launches you should be aware of?
  • Address needs and weaknesses
    • What are the physician’s goals, and how are you supporting these goals?
    • Would this physician benefit from more engagement with senior leadership?
  • Company goals
    • Are there any upcoming product launches?
    • Is there any increased focus on existing technology?
    • What products or services might shift market share?

Once the meeting is complete, it is important to create clear, action oriented tasks.  Create tasks with a specific assignee and due dates to promote accountability. Also, be sure to set milestones to track so you can make adjustments as needed.

Finally, over the course of the quarter, have your team track progress of the actions items as soon as they are completed.  Keep detailed notes so that conversations can be carried forward. If any of the items above change during the quarter, it is a good idea to revisit the plan so that adjustments can be identified and your plan can be course corrected before it’s too late.

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