Keep everyone on the same page

Sales platform for medical device field sales teams


Optimized for your clinical vertical

Cut through the noise and so you can focus on the right physicians. Convert them into your best customers by keeping field sales and sales management coordinated and executing the same plan.

Identify key physicians

Search for physicians in any geography, ranked by procedure and prescription volumes relevant to your clinical vertical.

Develop action plans

Create and assign tasks and quickly capture call notes to turn your prospects into customers and your customers into your biggest fans.

Track progress and results

Team dashboards and activity feeds give you the visibility you need to deploy resources and support where they’ll have the biggest impact.

More insights, less guesswork

More insights from the field means less guesswork, and ultimately more predictable revenue. DocCheer can integrate with your CRM to help streamline your processes and fine tune your sales strategies to get the most from your field sales teams.

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